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Weird and Fun Social Distancing Tech of 2020

two people wearing mask are sitting on the bench at the park | Feature | Weird and Fun Social Distancing Tech of 2020
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Workplaces are using emerging tech or different kinds of tech to stay afloat during the pandemic. Although out of the norm, it seems relatively straightforward to implement new strategies to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to in the workplace. 

But, as social animals, how do we maintain our communal interactions and still stay 6 feet away from each other?  

This is where social distancing tech comes into play. To meet the current moment, developers and tech companies think outside of the box and innovate some weird and fun products that enforce social distancing. 

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4 Social Distancing Tech Ideas

Proximity Alarms and Contact Tracing Tech

Smartphone giants Apple and Google have built their COVID-19 contact tracing software right into your phone. The update makes it easier for government health agencies to monitor and implement contact tracing and help slow the virus’s spread. Still, employers are going further than that and enforcing ways to keep their staff safe.

Many companies are creating proximity devices that are worn at work, for example, clipped onto belts or hardhats, which sound an alarm if someone comes within 6 feet of another. 

These social distancing tech solutions allow businesses to manage their contact tracing and help reduce the risk of exposure for their workforce. 

Zebra MotionWorks Proximity, Triax’s Proximity Trace, and LociLabs Safe Space all alert employees to maintain a safe distance and collect data of worker interactions if someone does contract Covid-19.  

Amazon Distance Assist was designed to keep workers safe with A.I. The camera software watches the space between people, and a monitor displays live footage with an overlaid green circle around people. If people are too close to each other, the circle turns red. Already deployed in Amazon warehouses, they have made the social distancing tech available to the public.

Restaurant Social Distancing

three people are eating separately in the restaurant | Weird and Fun Social Distancing Tech of 2020

Establishments around the world are trying to reopen and get back to normal after months of disruption. Most are opting for fewer tables or plexiglass dividers, and while not quite high tech, some ideas are rather funny and deserve mention. 

A three Michelin starred restaurant in Washington, Virginia – The Inn at Little Washington – puts dressed up mannequins sitting at unoccupied tables to maintain social distancing. 

Similarly, the Maison Saigon Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, deploys large stuffed panda bears as seat fillers.

A Baltimore-based company called Revolution Event Design & Production has invented so-called “bumper tables” for diners to enjoy their meal while staying socially distant. The inflatable inner tube design lets the diner sit in a cut-out circle in the middle of the ringed table, a bit like sitting in a giant inflatable rubber ring. Wheels attached to the bottom means epicureans can move around during the meal but always remain 4-6 feet apart.

Integrated Social Distancing Software for Hotels

Multiple hotel groups utilize tech to upgrade their booking systems, allowing guests to check-in and out using a smartphone, thus limiting human contact. The technology company P3 Hotels’ software, is used by the Dalata, Jurys, and Sarova chains.

The Solay mobile app, by Resort Technologies, is being offered free to resorts as an inventory management system. The software organizes overnight guests with reserved seats that are placed six feet apart at beaches and pools. 

Arlo Pro 3 -- Best Wireless Home Security Camera

The Arlo Pro 3 makes a good first impression with its supremely easy setup; if you’ve got adhesive, it takes literally a few seconds to get up and running.

The camera also has night vision, and the floodlight also built-in makes color night vision possible. The motion detection is extremely sensitive; among the best on the market. Finally, it is one of the most durable home security cameras out there.

Weird Social Distancing “Tech”

Although a gag, we love how one German restaurant gave its customers’ pool noddle hats to don in a funny way to stay a safe distance apart. 

Also, in Germany, some Burger King restaurants have given out gimmicky giant crowns that are six feet in diameter.

With a vaccine still at least a year away, and rising numbers of cases, social distancing could be our best way to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Working from home and studying remotely might buy us time to work on treatments, but practically and economically, that can’t go on forever. Hopefully, the tech industry will keep stepping up and creating ways to keep us safe.

What weird or fun social distancing tech would you invent during these crazy times? Let us know in the comments section below.

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