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Posted April 12, 2021

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

Who Actually Profits From New Legal Weed?

Markets are quiet this morning as they wait for the next shoe to drop either way.

Meanwhile, were seeing some major action across the tech sectors pushing the limit on whats possible.

Read below for everything Im looking at this week

  1. Finding Bitcoin 2.0

Its no secret that Bitcoin has been exploding lately.

Big money has finally taken the dive and has started backing the cryptocurrency even going so far as to create their own platforms to invest and hold it.

But if you had gotten into Bitcoin 10 years ago, you could have made a killing compared with what newcomers are making in todays markets.

Fortunately for you, there are dozens of alternatives to Bitcoin that have huge potential to skyrocket.

The only problem is trying to pick out which ones will rise above the rest.

Thats where one expert has your back, as he talks about an imminent announcement thats going to blow up the cryptocurrency market.

Click here to see what our friend at Palm Beach Research Group has to say.

  1. Making Bank on New Yorks Legalization

Last week, New York set into motion a set of laws that would bring recreational marijuana to the Empire State.

But who exactly benefits from this?

And more specifically, who is in the best spot to profit off this new set of laws?

The answer may surprise you

  1. Robotics Reshaping the World

When it comes to robotics, people picture Rosey from The Jetsons.

But they dont begin to take into account everything that goes into such a creation.

Simple tasks on the back end of business operations are getting streamlined through a combination of robotics and AI systems.

And with this upcoming revolution, there are a few players that look to benefit greatly.

  1. Fighting Dementia in an Unconventional Manner

When someone is diagnosed with dementia it turns the life around not only for the individual but all who are in contact with them.

Mental deterioration combined with the deterioration of motor functions make for a harrowing experience.

But while researchers work on treatments for the reversal or stalling of the process of deterioration

New research shows that one method is helping in the fight against dementia and Alzheimers.

  1. Tech Execs Make Plea to White House

The global chip shortage has gone on now for nearly a year.

And tech execs are now making a plea to the White House to strengthen the supply chains.

Today, 20 representatives of tech companies are meeting to illustrate to Washington just how dire this situation is

But if nothing is done soon, we could see some major price hikes in the coming months.

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