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Posted January 08, 2024

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

Visions Of The Future

Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) first new product line since 2015 is scheduled to launch in less than one month.

The Vision Pro, Apple’s first mixed-reality headset, will be released on February 2nd.

At $3,499, it’s unlikely that the Vision Pro will be widely adopted upon its release - particularly when mixed-reality alternatives such as Meta’s Quest can be had for under $500 - it’s still very noteworthy anytime Apple chooses to put its hyper-effective branding on a new item.

This product launch in particular is noteworthy for how un-Apple it is.

That is, both virtual reality and augmented reality headsets have failed to establish much of a market so far. Apple’s modus operandi has been to move into a market once it has already been established, put their simplified and unique spin on the product, then incorporate it into their Apple Ecosystem.

It’s unusual to see them cannonball into a pool before knowing how the water is.

The launch of the Vision Pro will be a test of how Apple will function as a pioneer. While they are not introducing the public to mixed-reality, their new headset - with its lofty price point and proposed features - will explore the upper ends of the more “adult” and less gaming-focused of the market.

The new technology, which most have only considered as gaming hardware, is being described by Apple as “spatial computing”.

Acknowledging what is likely to be limited demand for this first-generation product, CEO Tim Cook has even said “this is the beginning of a journey”.

This bold new way of going about their business could possibly be related to some unwanted gaps forming in Apple’s famed “Walled Garden”.

Apple has tried to build a closed ecosystem, where Apple products only talk to each other and can only be plugged in using cords made by Apple. However a decision made by the EU recently forced Apple to abandon their Lightning Charger in favor of USB-C ports.

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