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Posted October 25, 2018

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

Pot Stock Dip Sets up Perfect Buy Opportunities

Tough week for stocks, pot stocks included.

Its hard to stay calm when you have money tied up in a market downswing.

But the downswing in pot is signaling a perfect time to buy the best pot stocks at a discount.

Because an explosion is coming, and coming soon.

But before we get to that, I want to recap some trading advice I offered earlier in the year.

Itll be very useful as we get set for the next massive run in pot stocks to close out 2018.

3 Things You Must Know About Playing Pot

First, know your personal goals and stick to them.

Only you know what you want out of life. And only you can apply this to how you play the markets. If you dont have set goals, stop everything and make some.

Second bit of advice: Dont let a skittish herd overwhelm your rational thinking.

A dip in your holdings should not initiate panic. Nor should others panic set yours off.

Stocks go down sometimes, but they very often go back up and break new highs after a correction.

Its the natural order of things...

Third bit of advice: Dont bet more money than you can afford to lose.

Thats the best way to protect yourself from making irrational moves if your positions take a hit.

Little Timmys college fund is not an option, even if you have 1015 years to make that money back.

Now lets apply some of this thinking to todays pot market.

Why Patience and Rationality Win

Yes, pot stocks are correcting a bit right now, and at a glance the most recent 30-day chart looks ugly:

Of course those who dont follow advice like the three tips we covered earlier are now in a panic mode.

They either have too much money on the line they shouldnt have and are running scared

Or they didnt do their own research and are now blindly following skittish traders who are overextended and cant take a dip in stride.

Because thats what were looking at now a dip. You know what they say about dips.

Buy them!

After all, scaling the index back to a full year, we see a very different story unfolding:

And year over year the North American Marijuana Index has only gone up.

Look at the past three years of performance for the North American index. You can clearly see how dips resolve themselves. They surge and set new highs:

From October 2015today, the index has soared over 356%.

And coming out of this down action in late October this year I expect the biggest surge yet.

Heres why...

These 4 States Are Voting on Pot Next Month

Were less than a month away from Election Day.

And this year, it could mean big things for the legal pot market.

As of this writing, four states are slated to bring some kind of pot legalization vote to the ballot: North Dakota and Michigan will vote on allowing recreational use while Utah and Missouri will vote on making medical cannabis legal.

Whats really notable about these four states is that they were all red states in the 2016 election more and more, were seeing voters squash the notion that cannabis legalization doesnt jive with conservative values.

In short, were witnessing a substantive shift in U.S. marijuana policy.

At this moment in time, most Republicans and Democrats are both in favor of some form of marijuana legalization.

Meaning however you slice it, the opportunity remains immense for pot investors.

Were still very much in the early innings of this trend, and come Nov. 7, a new wave of riches will be had.For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco

Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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