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Posted May 03, 2021

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

Girl Scout Cookies Delivered by Drone

Nothing can slow Big Tech down

Last week Big Tech stole the show with stellar earnings results.

Up this week? Vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna release Q1 numbers on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.

Against all odds the market continues higher. In fact, my research shows that it will only continue with tech leading the way. Ill be sharing more and how you can profit in the days to come.

Keep an eye out. Ill send you the details soon.

Here is everything else I have my eye on this week:

Big Tech Gets Bigger

As I mentioned, nothing can slow Big Tech down.

The FAAMG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google) released earnings last week and sales were up

Way up.

Now these five companies make up about 25% of the S&P 500.

SpaceX Breaks Records Again

SpaceXs Crew Dragon capsule Resilience splashed down into the Gulf of Mexico Sunday, bringing four astronauts home.

According to CNBC the crew spent five months in space the longest ever for an American-made spacecraft.

The landing was also the first to be made in darkness since 1968 and only the second time there has been a landing in the Gulf.

SpaceX is breaking records left and right.

With a new contract with NASA to build the next moon lander, were only going to continue to hear more about the company.

Apple Heads to Court

The trial kicks off today. Epic Games is suing Apple over its App Store.

The issue?


Back in August Epic tried to sidestep Apples 30% fee by implementing a direct-payment system within its game Fortnite.

This led to Apple kicking Fortnite off the App Store for breaking the rules. And Epic says that Apple threatened to cancel its developer account.

Apple had been running its App Store its way for a decade and now many are looking to making changes.

Heres what you need to know.

Girl Scout Cookies Delivered by Drone

The Associated Press reports that a Google affiliate is using drones to deliver Girl Scout cookies in a Virginia community.

Wing, a subsidiary of Googles parent company Alphabet, has been using Christiansburg, Virginia, as a testing ground for drone delivery.

But now, instead of just drugstore offerings, FedEx packages and locally made goods, its adding Girl Scout cookies to its list.

Where do you stand on drone delivery? Tell me what you think. Shoot me an email at

CES Returns to Vegas for 2022

After the first virtual show this past January, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be returning to its miles of show floor space in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So far about 1,000 companies have committed to returning.

It remains to be seen if the scope of the show will be the same as before with new COVID precautions and many companies have already said they still plan on attending the event virtually.

But CES and those who attend seem enthusiastic about getting back to normal.

For me a lot of these events is about networking, which is tough to impossible when jumping from virtual room to virtual room. I look forward to returning in person (safely, of course) to events like CES in the near future.

What are you looking at this week? Drop me a line at

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

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