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Posted March 01, 2021

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

Everything You Need to Know About the New Vaccine

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, faster and better at imitating human interactions.

But new problems start to emerge as we develop better and better AI solutions.

This week, well be taking a deeper look at AI trends. Plus, well continue to cover the latest news coming out of the tech world.

Read below for what Im looking at this week...

  1. Bitcoin Gets Another Major Backer

After toppling over from its all-time highs a $25,000 drop in price

Bitcoin is now getting a major backer in Citigroup. And the prices are soaring back higher.

The investment bank stated that Bitcoin has a major shot at being the currency of the future.

But even with this backing, there are some major issues underneath the hood

  1. Breakthrough Techs of 2021

2020 was a year unlike any other.

The chaos that surrounded last year set up 2021 to be a spectacular year for tech.

Were constantly pushing the limits to develop and produce better, faster and more efficient technologies.

2021 looks to hit the ball out of the park with these 10 in particular.

  1. The Worlds Best AI Has a Major Problem

GPT-3 is the worlds most sophisticated AI text generator in the world.

But even with its amazing ability to answer questions and write prompts

Theres a huge problem right now with the system its bigoted.

The researchers are pushing forward to make it better than ever, but it raises the question

Do we really want human-level AI capable of discriminating against us because of what it learned on Reddit?

  1. Another Vaccine This Time Only One Shot

Over the weekend, the FDA approved Johnson & Johnsons COVID-19 vaccine.

The candidate vaccine was shown to have an 85% effective rate against moderate and severe forms of COVID-19.

And best of all it only needs one shot instead of Pfizers and Modernas two-shot vaccines.

This could greatly expedite the end to the pandemic, as doctors arent worried about the slightly worse efficacy rate.

  1. Deep Nostalgia Brings Old Photos to Life

AI imaging has gotten to a point where animations and pictures look photorealistic.

The AI Deep Nostalgia looks to take this one step further

By taking old photos and showing what they might look like if you were really there.

The results are mind-blowing and a bit unsettling

But most of all theyre amazing.

I want your opinion about all of this AI development.

What do you think about what GPT-3 and Deep Nostalgia are doing? Are you excited for what the future holds, or do you hold some fears?

Send me your thoughts to

I read everything that gets sent in and would love to hear from you!

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

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