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Posted January 16, 2024

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

Consumer Electronics Show Debrief!

The Paradigm Press crew is back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas!

CES is an event that has always been a huge opportunity for innovators to show off the breakthroughs their companies have made over the last year. But now that we’re officially in the Age of AI, it has taken on even more importance.

Our crew that had boots on the ground in Vegas all agreed…

Artificial intelligence was the star of the show at CES 2024.

But while 2022 and 2023 might have been about shock and awe when it came to AI, with new free tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, 2024 may not be quite as flashy.

The technology is improving by leaps and bounds, but a lot of what’s taking place won’t be obvious to the average consumer.

As Zach Scheidt said of his take-away from CES…

“This year, AI technology will advance from prototypes and "concepts" into hard APPLICATIONS that are used by businesses and individuals.

And in many cases we may not recognize the new advances as "AI" on the surface. Just like you and I probably don't think about the "internet" when we book a ticket for a show, read a news article, or order something from Amazon. The "internet" has become fully integrated into many areas of our lives.”

While you may not be sending your friends links to as many online AI “toys” this year, as Zach puts it, “AI technology will be hard at work in the background for MANY areas of our lives in 2024 and beyond. Creating efficiencies, opening up new opportunities, and leading to healthier and happier lives.”

Click here to see all of the highlights from Zach, Matt, Bob, and Ari’s experience at CES 2024!

Here’s what else I have my eye on this week…


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