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Posted February 15, 2021

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

Air Taxis Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Happy Presidents Day!

Though markets are closed today, that doesnt mean there arent trends to follow or breaking stories that will move the markets.

Read below for what Im looking at this week

  1. Personalized Air Taxis Coming to a House Near You

United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) just purchased 200 air taxis that will take passengers from their homes to the airport.

The air taxis are capable of flying 60 miles allowing for anyone within 30 miles of an airport to get a lift to and from the airport.

And its estimated that they could greatly cut down carbon emissions and of course travel time.

Whats even crazier is its estimated were only five years away from these air taxis being put into use.

Its something thats straight out of science fiction when you see what these vehicles look like.

  1. Mars Rover Landing Soon

This Thursday, NASAs latest Mars rover Perseverance is expected to land.

Perseverance will study Mars' habitability, try to find past microbial life, collect and store samples of selected rock and soil and prepare for future human missions.

Of course, though, the feat of getting it there is no small accomplishment.

And whats more, the way they plan to land it on Mars deserves even more recognition.

  1. Seeing Tech in a Whole New Way

Back in the early 2010s, Google Glass was a new fad that started off the development of augmented reality that we see today.

Only problem is that it was too early for its time. People werent ready for what it had to offer.

And its technology wasnt nearly as good as it is today.

Now smartglasses have a real chance at making a dent in the markets.

And a major company has a new potential product that could change our lives.

  1. The Lasting Effects of COVID-19

What were seeing in Americas job industry is a massive shift away from a traditional workspace.

Forcing people into lockdown has had many companies scrambling to make policy changes.

And though many of these policies will go back when the pandemic subsides

Some things are here to stay.

Thats everything I was looking at for this week. What did you have your eye on?

Shoot me an email at to let me know.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

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