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Posted January 04, 2024

Chris Campbell

By Chris Campbell

AI: Just Getting Started

It’s rare to have the opportunity to step back and look at the early stages of technological transformation and appreciate how much of its promise is still unrealized.

When we were dialing into AOL to check our emails in the late 90’s, we thought that the future had arrived.

Nobody had any idea that a few short decades later that the internet would have completely transformed every last corner of every last industry - as well as almost every part of the average person’s personal life.

But it’s obvious to anyone that’s paying attention that artificial intelligence - as impressive as it is - is still in its infancy.

Today we’ll hear from Chris Campbell of Altucher Confidential on the place the A.I.revolution will hold in history.

And more importantly: how to profit from it.

AI 2.0

Chris Campbell

500 years ago, the world changed forever…

The magnitude of which is hard to fully comprehend.

Long story short:

The telescope, a newfangled technology, killed the idea that the Earth sat at the center of the universe.

The paradigm that had governed the human mind without question for thousands of years was, in one fell swoop, recognized as a big fat delusion.

If we ever crack time travel, witnessing the death of geocentrism will be on my bucket list.

Fortunately, we don’t need to travel through history.

A similar shift is happening right now, as you read this…

But this time, it’s happening with intelligence.

The Telescope 2.0

While the Copernican Revolution kicked us out of the universe’s physical center…

It placed humans at the universe’s center of intelligence.

BUT, 500 years later…

With the rise of artificial intelligence, the very idea of intelligence will shift.

Some have called AI the “intelligence amplifier,” but I prefer to think of it as the telescope of intelligence, or Telescope 2.0.

Artificial intelligence not only has the potential to expand our definition of intelligence, but also decenter human intelligence.

It will reveal the non-human intelligence all around us -- in both natural and artificial systems.

What kind of intelligence, you ask?

I’m talking about all kinds found in nature and our world. Such as how tiny cells work together to keep life going, or the way old stars help create new life. Or think about mushrooms in the forest, secretly connecting plants with mycelium like a hidden internet under our feet. There's also how insects team up and do amazing things together with ZERO central planning, or the way animals travel long distances without getting lost.

Plus, there's the clever ways our weather changes and adapts, and how every single buy or sell decision adds up to shape our infinitely complex economy.

All of this intelligence exceeds our own intellectual abilities to reduce to a single cause, reliably predict, and even emulate -- a humbling thought.

Such insights, illuminated by AI, will lead to incredible advances in manufacturing, transportation, and more…

In fact, we fail to see any industry that will survive the decade unscathed.

Think advanced robotic automation and computers leveraging massive data sets to optimize business operations.

Think predictive technologies that transform our approach to preventative healthcare, personalized medicine, and the management of chronic diseases.

Think of a new era of collaborative intelligence, where human and machine insights merge to solve complex problems more efficiently.

Think of AI reshaping education and training, where learning adapts to each individual's pace and style, unlocking unprecedented human potential.

Now, think of the investment opportunities… and the unprecedented level of wealth this will create.

Enter the “Wealth Window”

In all major economic transformations, there was a tiny window of opportunity…

The Industrial Revolution (18th-19th Century) created a wealth window through the establishment of factories, mechanization, and mass production.

The California Gold Rush (1848-1855) led to a massive influx of prospectors and entrepreneurs, creating enormous wealth for some.

The rapid expansion of the railroad network in the 19th century opened new opportunities for trade and commerce, significantly boosting economic growth.

Oil Boom…

Post-WWII Tech Boom…

Silicon Valley and the Rise of Big Tech…

Dot-com Boom…

Mobile Revolution…

E-commerce Boom…

ALL of them had a wealth window through which a lucky few got fantastically rich.

But, thing is…

Luck actually had little to do with it.

That’s the case James Altucher had made in his biggest, boldest AI predictions yet.

And we predict a Great Convergence is upon us in AI…

It all starts on January 9, 2024 -- one week from today.

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