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Posted November 14, 2022

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

A Week Can Make All The Difference

Just last week, it seemed like everybody was on the edge of their seat, myself included. 

We were all on the pulse of the midterm elections and CPI report. 

The vibe in the air was that markets were in do-or-die mode with most people preparing themselves for another big leak lower in the market. 

However, those expectations failed to materialize. 

The way things shook out, the election barely had an effect on the markets… 

It wasn’t until the CPI report that we got some real action. 

After running the market into the ground month after month with hot inflation numbers, the latest CPI numbers showed signs of cooling inflation. 

That was all the bulls needed to kick off a ripping rally. 

Thursday’s move and Friday’s follow-through were incredibly impressive. 

The pop-and-run we saw on Thursday was the strongest market day we’ve seen since the initial rally off the Covid lows from April 2020. 

Looking ahead, there are plenty of questions being asked. 

Where do we go from here? Was last week’s move enough for the bulls to regain control? Is inflation truly cooling off?

I’m looking forward to seeing what this week brings and if we can get some clarity about overall market sentiment.

So, with that, read below for everything I have my eye on this week…


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