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Posted March 11, 2021

Ray Blanco

By Ray Blanco

Dear Technology Profits Daily Reader,

Im not worried about inflation or interest rates.

And if youre trying to catch up in your retirement savings

You shouldnt be worried, either!

The bottom line is stocks are still where you want to be.

That is if you want to earn a real return on your cash.

In my video last week, I gave you six real reasons to get excited right now about small caps my favorite type of stock to trade.

These stocks THRIVE when inflation expectations and interest rates are on the rise.

Today, I reveal three breakout tech small caps that are surging higher in spite of the sell-off.

Click on the image below to get started.

As always, Ive included my notes on these three superstar small-cap stocks below.

Video Notes:

  • First, lets look at the chart for iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) that tracks small-cap stocks. Youve probably heard a lot about tech stocks getting battered, but small caps have done pretty well. And we covered this in our last video.

  • Looking back over the trends from the past 30 years, this is a time for small caps to shine
    • Small-cap stocks are blowing away large caps by a huge margin

    • So without further ado, here are three small-cap stocks on my watchlist this week.
      • The first stock were going to talk about today is Second Sight Medical Products Inc. (EYES), a small company that specializes in helping give sight to the blind through ocular implants.

      • The FDA recently approved one of EYES implants, sending shares rocketing higher
        • You might think this recent action is doomed to come crashing back down but youd be wrong! Lets take a closer look at the companys chart

        • Weve seen a huge breakout in EYES above $3.40. And over the last few days, weve seen daily increases in the triple digits
          • You might look at the daily chart and think this is a shooting star bound to come back down, but its actually a breakout

          • This recent breakout above the 200-week moving average is a huge breakout on strong volume. So look for the stock to hold above the $8 resistance level
            • Its a great entry point before shares head any higher

            • Theres a lot to love here. And I see a price target of $20 as EYES gets more products out to the public.
              • The next stock on my watchlist today is Cass Information Systems Inc. (CASS), an industrial financial technology company with over 100 years of pedigree in the industry.

              • In a nutshell, CASS does payment processing for big industrial companies with complex financial statements
                • Taking a look at the chart, youve got a beautiful breakout above $45 per share

                • From the 2020 low, youve got a beautiful ascending triangle pattern, which we love to see
                  • Shares have been trading between $30 and $45, giving us a price target of $60, well above where the stock is trading now

                  • CASS is primed to do incredibly well as the economy opens back up, and theres a lot to love about the stock.
                    • The final stock on our list today is Nielsen Holdings plc (NLSN), which helps media companies measure their television ratings.

                    • As the world shifts from traditional television to streaming, NLSN has been making a shift in its business
                      • It just sold off its digital advertising business to Roku

                      • After a long-term downtrend in the past 4 or 5 years, NLSN has more than doubled in the last few months
                        • The stock's recent breakout is at $25

                        • A recent breakout of the range between $1218 sent shares higher to $24
                          • Looking at the long term, the stock is heading back to a midpoint between recent lows and the 2016 highs to $34

                          • This provides a great entry point to enter a new position now that the stock has broken out.
                          • So there you have it!

                            Three superstar small-cap breakouts with huge potential in the near term.

                            And stay on the lookout for more opportunities from me next week!

                            This sounds like the bullet point two points above. Is that OK?


                            Jonathan Rodriguez

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