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Space Week: The One Stock That Can Propel Your Profits

Posted January 29, 2021

When investing in space stocks, there are thousand different angles you can take. But the biggest thing out there with the biggest potential in my opinion hides in plain sight.

Space Week: These 3 Breakouts Are Screaming Buys

Posted January 28, 2021

Space week continues with three chances at profit opportunity today. In-house analyst Jonathan J-Rod Rodriguez has targeted breakouts in three space stocks that have a lot of potential to run higher.

Space Week: This Catalyst Is Fueling Stratospheric Gains

Posted January 27, 2021

Last week, an investment management firm announced that its launching a new exchange-traded fund. Normally, thats not really news. New ETFs get launched practically every day. Except this ones a little different

Space Week: Alien Tech Whizzes Past Earth?

Posted January 26, 2021

Recently, a strange object whizzed past Earth. And while many said it was just a space rock, Harvard physicist Avi Loeb decreed that the object was a piece of alien tech. If true, this object unlocks the holy grail of space travel

Welcome to Space Week!

Posted January 25, 2021

Welcome to Space Week!This week, your editors will be covering everything about investing in the space industry, and showing you the ins and outs of this wide and diverse sector.Youll...

BUY ALERT: The Key to Powering an Electric Future

Posted January 22, 2021

While markets lauded GM for their steps toward an electric, self-driving future, I realized we have a major problem: How are we going to power all of this? Today, I give you that answer, and how you can invest in it.

Breakout Alert! Why These 3 Semiconductor Stocks Are SOARING Right Now

Posted January 21, 2021

Over the last three months, semiconductors have soared. And as the economy recovers, and as consumer spending continues to rise consumer tech products are going to be flying off the shelves. Today, Ive targeted three semiconductor stocks that are breaking out right now!

The Ugly Truth About Gold

Posted January 20, 2021

The conventional wisdom has long been that gold is a wise contrarian play to frothy stock market valuations. But that doesnt pan out in the data

Upon Exit, Trump Plants a Tech Flag

Posted January 19, 2021

Among one of his final acts as president of the United States, Trump planted his flag into artificial intelligence (AI). Back in August, $1 billion was earmarked for the funding of AI and quantum research. And just last week, another major move was made by the White House.

Should You Buy Bitcoin Right Now?

Posted January 18, 2021

Things are looking oddly familiar with Bitcoins recent meteoric rise. Some are saying this times different, but if we look closer, there are a lot of similarities between now and what happened back in 2017

Flying Cars Now a Reality?

Posted January 15, 2021

A new reveal at CES 2021 is turning the automotive industry on its head. General Motors is fully embracing EVs and stepping into the future with a new line of products based on its new Ultium Drive and one of them is something straight out of science fiction.

BUY ALERT: Three Breakout 5G Stocks to Buy Before Earnings

Posted January 14, 2021

5G is taking the nation by storm, and soon we could see towers and coverage reach all parts of the country. Today, Senior Analyst Jonathan Rodriguez gives us 3 of his favorite pre-earnings 5G picks.

The Best Investment to Own When the Market Tops

Posted January 13, 2021

Pretend for a moment that I could tell you precisely when this market was going to topWhat would you rather do sell all your stock holdings and pivot to...

How Not to Lose 1,200% in Just 1 Year

Posted January 08, 2021

Elon Musk just became the worlds richest man. And Teslas stock doesnt seem to stop raising to new ultra-highs. Whats even more amazing about this journey, though, is this rise to No. 1 costs some in the markets tens of billions of dollars

The Odds of Another COVID Crash

Posted January 06, 2021

Last February, the stock market rolled over in a massive plunge that will go down in the history books as the fastest 30% sell-off on record. But just how rare was the drop? And are we due for another crash soon?

The "New-Normal Tech" Set to Soar

Posted January 05, 2021

Kingston, New York. Concord, North Carolina. Nampa, Idaho. What do all of these cities have in common? Theyre all Zoom towns. And there are thousands of them now across the country