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What Apple Omitted From Their Earnings

Posted July 31, 2020

Not all earnings seasons are alike. In the age of COVID-19, social distancing and self-editing our lives to be more pandemic friendly very few industries are immune to the devastating economic impact of the virus. Bankruptcies are soaring. Yet the technology sector has been a safe haven. And recent earnings point to some great things for the future

My Exclusive Interview With the Inventor of the N95 Mask, Part 2

Posted July 30, 2020

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Peter Tsai, inventor of the N95 mask. Recently, he was pulled out of retirement to help with the current COVID-19 pandemic. When we left off yesterday, Dr. Tsai was sharing different ways hes found to sterilize the masks for reuse. Today, Dr. Tsai shares some tips to build a more effective DIY mask and best practices for mask care

My Exclusive Interview With the Inventor of the N95 Mask, Part 1

Posted July 29, 2020

Its more important today than it has ever been to fight misinformation and poor logic. Thats why I was thrilled to have the chance to sit down with Dr. Peter Tsai, inventor of the N95 mask. Here is the first part of that conversation

How to Spot a Big Tech Buyout

Posted July 27, 2020

oday were joined by my friend and colleague Zach Scheidt chief income strategist at St. Paul Research. Hes going to give you his take on Big Techs recent surges. And how this growth opens up more opportunities across the markets.

Would Apple Kill Its iPhone?

Posted July 24, 2020

Can a company like Apple with such a pristine resume deep experience a revolutionary level of engineering and an impressive history of imagining the future actually be vulnerable?

[SNEAK PEEK] My Exclusive Interview With the N95 Mask Inventor

Posted July 23, 2020

Theres been a lot of misinformation in the press about COVID-19. Specifically, about masks. As investors, we have to fight misinformation and poor logic. Thats why today Im pleased to bring you a sneak-peek excerpt of my recent conversation with Dr. Peter Tsai, inventor of the N95 mask.

3 Tech Stocks to Buy This Earnings Season

Posted July 22, 2020

Today our colleagues at St. Paul Research join us to give another round of tech picks. Whether or not you want to go aggressive with highflying stocks, or play it safe for the long run There are plenty of opportunities out there right now for you Jonathan Rodriguez, senior analyst at St. Paul Research, has three he thinks will outshine the rest during this earnings season.

The Next Global Disaster

Posted July 21, 2020

The Yangtze River in China is the third-longest river in the world. And the Chinese government took on the task of trying to tame the river. Now, we could soon have a disaster on our hands unlike anything the world has ever seen..

Does This Little-Known iPhone Chip Confirm Apple-Fi?

Posted July 20, 2020

Could your existing iPhone already be set up for Apple-Fi and just be waiting for a signal from space? Apple may have already quietly added a capacity for fast broadband service from space and it could turn the telecom industry on its head.

Internet Companies Are Robbing You

Posted July 16, 2020

Internet providers have a vise grip on American consumers. And because of this, weve become hopeless to change our own situation. But theres one tech out there that will change this very soon

A Battery That Never Dies

Posted July 14, 2020

Electric vehicles face a huge problem. Batteries can costs thousands of dollars for replacements in under a decade. But soon that problem may be a thing of the past

3 Tech Stocks to Beat the Market

Posted July 13, 2020

Tech stocks are the undeniable winner in 2020. And today, we have 3 stocks that look to outshine the rest!

Rocket Fuel for Telemedicine

Posted July 10, 2020

119 since an emergency COVID-19 declaration was declared, the patient/doctor relationship changed forever. And the telemedicine boom is just beginning

Is Another Crash Coming?

Posted July 08, 2020

Many are asking when the next crash will come. With a recession confirmed by some economists, its puzzling how the market keeps going up. Today, we talk about why that is and if we can expect another crash.

Reviving a Dead Space Company

Posted July 07, 2020

With the spread of COVID-19 and shutdown of the economy, it hasnt been a great few months to be a startup company. And OneWeb, a company with the mission to provide high-speed global internet from space, wasnt safe from its sectors struggles. But there is hope yet. And it comes from two unlikely allies

The Unstoppable Space Industry

Posted July 06, 2020

With all of this success weve had recently in the space industry, its easy to get disheartened when things fail. You begin to cast doubt on the industry as a whole. And start to wonder if all this risk is even worth it. Im here to tell you it is.

Revenge of the Glassholes

Posted July 03, 2020

Rumors have been swirling for months. In fact, its easily the worst-kept secret in Silicon Valley Google is planning a comeback! And it all revolves around one project that was a previous failure.

Bezos Takes on Musk & Branson

Posted July 02, 2020

It seems that nowadays everyone wants to get a slice of the space action. At least everyone with the funding. And right now on the heels of the rest is a company that could come out on top.

How to Score a Winning Portfolio in 2020

Posted July 01, 2020

Want to beat the market in 2020? Dont try to look for winning stocks. I realize that sounds completely backward. But the surprising truth is the key to building a long-term winning portfolio usually doesnt come from finding the absolute biggest wins.