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Who Is Leading in AI Technology?

an AI robot | Feature | Who Is Leading in AI Technology?
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In This Article:

These leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies are advancing this evolving technology using an impressive AI tech range, from smart algorithms to machine learning.

AI companies create technology that would typically need human intelligence to carry out tasks, such as voice recognition or self-driven cars. Many of the top AI tech companies are developing their own intelligent technology, and plenty of forward-looking pioneers are using a more inventive approach to AI. This article looks at some of them.

AI Tech – Which Top 5 are Leading the Pack?

What is AI Tech?

a hand holding a tablet showing a visual brain | What is AI Tech? | Who Is Leading in AI Technology?

The AI tech trade has become a fast-growing force in business, and the leading AI companies are now shaping entire industries. A myriad of technologies has and continues to influence cloud computing – one of the most dominant IT trends of the twenty-first century.

Leading these technologies is machine learning, a division of AI, and computer science that is focused on designing computers that think like humans. However, many companies have shifted platforms; for example, AI in healthcare is changing patient care in several, and critical ways.

AI tech is also creating serious investment opportunities like research and development’s potential outcomes attract venture capitalist firms.

To find more detailed data – information on AI can be tracked in the AI Index – an unbiased and comprehensive report produced by Stanford University’s HAI, or Human-Centred AI institute. “Its mission is to provide rigorous, unbiased, and comprehensive data for researchers, policymakers, executives, journalists, and the general public to develop a deeper understanding of the complex field of AI.”

Leaders in AI Tech

It probably won’t surprise you that the top five AI tech giants include Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. As some of the most dominant companies in the IT industry, they have a market capitalization of around $500 billion to $1.9 trillion each (at various points).

Amazon Web Services

As the frontrunner in cloud computing, AWS offers both business-oriented and consumer AI products and services. Amazon Echo brings AI into the home through the smart voice server, Alexa. The business equivalent is Lex, and other AI offerings come in the form of the text to speech service, Polly, and the image recognition service, called Rekognition.

Google Cloud Platform

Another leader in AI and data analytics, Google, is on an acquisition binge looking at AI as their future, first and foremost. They have bought out more non-public AI companies than other tech companies and are pouring a lot of funds into this field to become an even more powerful entity.

Google Cloud sells several AI and machine learning services to businesses, as well as using AI to improve its services. It has its own AI chip project, called Tensor, and an industry-leading software project in TensorFlow.

IBM Cloud

Since the 1950s, IBM has been a leader in the field of AI and now benefits from having a strong cloud platform. It has also been on an acquisition spree, buying hundreds of companies over the years – in fact, there have been around 83 in the last decade (for IBM).

Its recent endeavors include IBM Watson, which is designed to help companies put AI to work to improve business performance. The system helps to mine data, automate processes, and predict outcomes.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has a myriad of business and consumer AI applications, such as Cortana and Zo (the chatbot that speaks like a teenager). Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding cloud service that helps businesses meet their goals using tools and frameworks through cognitive functions.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud creates highly scalable data management services and cloud computing. They are the lead cloud computing platform in Asia, offering a visual interface for businesses to drag and drop components into a database to build their AI functionality. They also use algorithm components to simplify tasks that can be purchased in pre-built solutions.

AI Pioneers to Watch

a robot is checking a virtual heart | Who Is Leading in AI Technology? | AI Pioneers to Watch

AI tech to watch from the U.S and Canada on the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers of 2020 includes the following:

Axonify — A new learning solution for frontline workers.
Brightseed — Using AI to find phytonutrients for health and wellbeing
Clarity AI — Tech platform examining the societal effect of investments and organizations
DataVisor — A fraud detection solution driven by transformational AI tech
DEVCON — AI-run enterprise security software for all trades
EdCast — AI-run information cloud for integrated discovery and personalized learning
Fiddler Labs — Delivering explainable AI with trust, visibility, and insights built-in
Foghorn Systems — Deriving machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered insights to organizations
Innowatts — Powering the energy transition forward with artificial intelligence
Instrumental — Leveraging AI to find and fix manufacturing process issues
Kebotix – AI and robotics-powered materials platform
Knotch — Content intelligence solution for brands that individually assess content marketing
Trace Genomics — Deep ML and agronomic knowledge to develop food manufacturing
Two Hat Security — AI-run content moderation platform
Veo Robotics — Transforming factories by producing machines receptive to humans

AI holds many possibilities, maybe, and risks, but it will undoubtedly continue to have a substantial economic impact and change on society.

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Which AI tech companies do you rate, and who do you think will emerge as a frontrunner for 2021? Let us know in the comments section below.

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